Burckhardt of Switzerland AG


Basel, Switzerland

Innovative Designer and Manufacturer of High Quality Pin Perforating Tools, Perforating Rings, Hot and Cold Perforation Systems and Fibrillation Bars and Rings for Fibrillating Yarns and Tapes

ODT Global is the exclusive USA representative for Burckhardt of Switzerland fibrillation bars and rollers and the east coast representative for perforation systems, rings and tools.

Burckhardt of Switzerland was founded as Christoph Burckhardt AG in Basel in 1941. From an original business of supplying combs to the textile industry, Burckhardt has grown to an advanced engineering and manufacturing company supplying fibrillating, perforating, and precision specialty machines and tools to a variety of industries. Burckhardt specializes in micro perforation of materials for breathability and moisture control in fabrics, substrates and materials and precision fibrillating bars and rings for fibrillating tapes and films and slitting tapes, films and and non-woven fabrics.

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